Money Saving Style Tips

Money saving style tips will save you cash but still ensure you have a full and stylish wardrobe. It’s easy to become to loyal to your favourite store or brand when they offer a style you love but when you look around you’ll find that lot’s of stores stock similar styles and items so it’s just a matter of shopping around.

By budgeting and making sure you check all the highstreet stores before you make your purchase you can save a lot of money. What would you spend your spare cash on?



Surf Salesshopping

If you are really loyal to one particular store you can save money by looking through their sales first, usually you will find something you’re looking for in there for a lot less! For those of us who are brand addicted; stores like Secret Sales, Brand Alley and Ebay are an absolute lifesaver. You can usually find good condition, pre-owned branded items on Ebay for a fraction of the retail price which is a real bargain if you don’t mind shopping second hand. Alternatively, Brand Alley and Secret Sales feature branded items on sale 24/7 and their stock is regularly updated.

Highstreet Stores

Sometimes you don’t have to hit the sales to find a bargain. A few select highstreet stores are known for their bargain prices and gorgeous on trend fashion. Our favourites for all of the latest trends are Forever21, Boohoo, Peacocks, Primark and T K Maxx. For the best price skate and street style our favourite is ExtremePie.

Browsing Tool

Using a website that surfs other fashion sites to pull off all products relating to your search can really save you money. Our favourite is Shopstyle UK, there is also a US version, which allows you to search easily for clothes, shoes, accessories and more. Simply type in your search term, such as black heels, filter it with the relevant sizes and price range and then sort the results in order of price ascending. You’ll find that as you scroll further down similar styles and brands can be found in lots of different stores with the cheapest buys organised at the top for you.

Thrift Shopping

This last tip is fairly obvious but is often overlooked. There are so many bargains to be found in charity shops and the fact that it’s for a good cause is even more motivation. Tonnes of people donate their clothes they no longer want or need, including myself, and you can usually find some massive bargains. Not everything you find will be old fashioned and undesirable, sometimes people donate clothes that no longer fit them and gorgeous vintage items.



As you can see with a little patience and shopping around it is easy to pick up a bargain! What are your money saving style tips for gorgeous style?