Something about Sanuk

What does summer mean to you? For me it’s about long and lazy evenings with friends and spending time on the beach, going for long walks and walking barefoot in the grass. It’s that time of year when life goes a bit care free and everything somehow feels a bit easier and everyone’s a bit nicer to each other too. Wearing footwear to echo that is easy now I’ve found a brand that lives and breathes good times – Sanuk.


Established in California where it’s all about sunshine, skate and surf life, Sanuk footwear is the brainchild of Jeff Kelly, a local guy that wanted to create something that represented a generation of laid back and life-loving sidewalk surfers. The name Sanuk comes from the Thai word that means ‘Fun’ and when you see their collection you can see that they definitely put a lot of that into their designs. But it’s not just the colours, prints and patterns that make Sanuk Shoes stand out, the one thing that caught my eye about these shoes is their vintage and earth-friendly appearance which, as it happens, its pretty spot on when you look at what physically goes into them.


Sanuk shoes are innovative and friendly to the planet thanks to their construction using materials such as yoga mats and outdoor carpets, they’ve definitely got something about them that’s a bit different. You’d be mistaken for thinking they might be uncomfortable and a bit off but once you’ve slipped your foot into Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers or the fantastic Sanuk Sandal, your perception is drastically altered. I’m a huge fan and I’ve only been wearing my Sanuk Cozy Sandals for about a week, but that week has been the best my feet have felt in a long time!