Reef Sandals for Summer

There are two ways you can go about footwear in the summer months – don’t wear any, or go minimal. I prefer the latter thanks to scruffy people that can’t be bothered to pick up their rubbish after them in parks and on the beach; I much prefer the idea of knowing that my feet are well protected against any nasty surprises lurking beneath what I can see. Everyone has experienced that feeling of pure freedom, running around with absolutely nothing beneath their feet other than soft grass or velvet sand only for it to be short lived because they’ve trodden on something and it left a nasty cut or mark on their skin. This is why sandals are always a great choice and a stylish one at that.


Flip flops are some of the most comfortable shoes you can wear on your feet and are a great line of defence against ground dwelling spikes, stones and discarded packaging. Reef is one of the worlds most respected brands when it comes to sandals and flip flops and that’s thanks to their long history in the business and a reputation for manufacturing some of the most reliable, stylish and comfortable shoes that you can buy.


Each pair are unlike any others you’ll find on the market, and that’s because they’re made from top quality materials and fabrics which make them comfortable, durable and more than capable of handling a day out on your feet. It’s not just good looks that go into Reef sandals, technical and performance materials are an important part of how Reef design their footwear. From the world famous Mick Fanning signature style with a bottle opener on the sole for beers on the beach, to the beautiful ladies Gypsy Love design for girls with a free spirit; there’s a pair of Reef sandals for everyone to enjoy.