Havaianas for the summer

I absolutely love when it gets to that time of year where you can kick off your socks and slip your feet into spongy goodness. It’s so liberating; in fact it’s probably my favourite thing about being on holiday. Knowing you don’t have to pack socks and that you can line your suitcase with flip flops is a great feeling; not only are you packing light, but you’re also providing a bit of side impact protection for any airport mishaps with heavy handed staff. But as with all clothing and footwear decisions, the dilemma comes when trying to choose what to take. I don’t like to go away with too many shoes because they just take up space and cause travellers to take a bigger bag than they really need. If you’re going to travel light then you need versatility, comfort and durability at its absolute best. The only name that comes to my mind is Havaianas.


Everyone’s seen them and probably thought ‘Ooh I like those!’ but once you’ve actually worn a pair you’ll fully understand why they’re some of the most popular and best-selling summer sandals in the world. The key to their comfort is in the way they’re made; constructed from 100% natural rubber that will not only keep your feet comfy all day, fail to wear down to the toes after just a few weeks wear, but also offer much better protection than most of their rivals on the market. Having stepped on a thorn which I only discovered upon getting really annoyed at a tapping noise when I walked, I noticed how long it was and was surprised I’d not felt it come through the skin – but that’s because it didn’t. The strength of the rubber ensures that unlike foam alternatives and imitation products, they stand their ground and don’t give in to the hazards underneath.


The winner for most people is their vibrant colours, of which there are loads to choose from. Bright red, green, blue and yellow among others will brighten up any kind of outfit and give your feet a burst of colour on the beach. But its these colours that also make them perfect for every kind of getaway – a sunny weekend in the city, a relaxing break in a countryside retreat or, of course, a long holiday on a gorgeous sandy beach. I know where I’ll be taking mine!