Running On Clouds

Through the growth of running and jogging as a sport, or as time to get out of the house and lose a bit of weight in the process, we’ve seen plenty of innovations and wacky designs thrown at us with promises of helping us to get the most out of our run. Sometimes they work, sometimes they try but don’t quite get it right. And it’s this trial and error method that has seen most give up on the quest to find the perfect running shoes and put up with second best, even one of the three masterminds behind the awesome On Running Shoes brand.

Former top athlete Olivier Bernhard and his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti decided that their love of running was enough to take it upon themselves to remedy this wrong, and after his own battle to find the right trainers to combat a constant problem of inflamed Achilles tendons, Oliver Bernhard knew exactly what would be needed. Soon enough the brand was born and its new approach to running footwear had everyone wanting a bit of the action; and that’s all in the space of just a few years.

Today they’re in the ranks of weird with other eye catching styles of athletic shoes like the Vibram Five Fingers and the mega-thin Merrell Pace Gloves, and its all down to the fantastic Cloud Technology that comes with every pair of On shoes. These rubber bubbles on the sole of the shoe ensure that you land cushioned and take off barefoot. The shoes don’t fall apart as soon as you start to move, don’t worry, but rather offer the stability of barefoot running. We were all born to run without the restrictions of footwear but over time the environment has demanded that we protect our feet from the dangers on the ground and the On range of running shoes offers what it says is the best of both worlds, the cushioning to protect and the barefoot factors to take running back to basics.

The technology of the Clouds on the Cloudrunner, Cloudsurfer, Cloudracer act like small stability pads that respond to each movement of the foot and help to improve all kinds of things including posture, performance and the way we run in general. Couple the technology of these shoes with the styling and you’re onto a winner. Once you’ve run on clouds, you won’t wan to come down.