Big love for Bucketfeet

There’s something really special about the onset of spring; you get those first glimpses of how awesome the weather can be and the beautiful things that come from it. Daffodils, little insects and birds, you could even find yourself laying on the grass somewhere thinking you’re some kind of fairy and Bambi is about to come galloping past. And all of this prettiness, colourfulness and good-looking nature is reflected in the footwear that comes out during this season.

We stumbled upon a brand called Bucketfeet lately and this is one that really is full of the joys of spring. From colourful splodges of paint across the uppers of their shoes to the bright and bold red soles, Bucketfeet footwear has art at the heart. The brand itself is quite different to others in the sense that it takes its inspiration from the streets and those that walk them and as such, commission artist to create unique and beautiful designs that everyone can enjoy. Firm believers in that art should be shared rather than locked away these shoes are an artist’s canvas and the result is something pretty spectacular. Some of our favourites are the fantastic Pineappleade shoes; pineapple print black and white slip on style shoes with a slim profile sole for everyday wear, and the colourful Catapult slip on shoes, an all-over geometric print that’s got spring and summer in its sights.

The best thing about Bucketfeet shoes isn’t how comfortable they are or how great they look; it’s their versatility. These are colourful additions to your footwear collection that can be worn with just about anything – a nice skirt, shorts, trousers or even a dress to really funk up your look. We’ve seen a few that we like, the hardest thing will be picking just one.