Slip into something special from The North Face

There’s something massively lovely about this time of year where you welcome the cold and the wind, and greet the rain with big open arms. No it’s not the first sign of madness, but rather a sign that sitting and waiting for you at home is a cosy and warm pair or slippers that you probably can’t wait to sink your feet into.


You can’t underestimate the value of a good pair of slippers; after all, we spend a lot of time in our homes and unless you like bringing the outside dirt into your carpets and floors then you probably spend a lot of time in your slippers too. Whether it’s a bargain pair of supermarket specials with some kind of animal fashioned out of fluff, or a sensible rubber-soled loafer style to keep you from slipping over, the chances are that they’re either not all that warm or stitched together well enough. There are not many pairs of slippers that make it past their first year and sadly, most end up in the bin after a few months along with the money that you spent on them. If only there were shoe-quality slippers that didn’t cost the earth you might say. Oh, but there are.


The North Face is one of those brands that you hear and then instantly see thick and warm jackets that you could comfortably scale an ice-capped mountain in, or walking boots that laugh in the face of muddy tracks, snow covered rocks and slippery pathways. But The North Face knows that quality doesn’t have to end on the doorstep and so they brought out a fantastic collection of slippers that enjoy all of the fantastic technologies that are used in their unbeatable adventure gear. Hailed for offering the same comfort, warmth and cosiness as one of their amazing sleeping bags, The North Face slippers provide much more than their cheaper alternatives with features such as water resistant and ripstop fabric upper and a protective synthetic mudguard for those little trips outside to put the bin out. Key to each pair’s warmth is its ThermoBall insulation and PlushOso fleece lining and footbed cover. The soles are also manufactured from 40% recycle rubber meaning that not only is their footprint less hard on the planet but less likely to allow you to slip or trip over on shiny and reflective flooring.


Available as full mule slippers or a slimmer ballet-style shoe, the North Face Slippers are a must have for anyone wanting the absolute most from their indoor footwear.