All hail the Kingpin from Etnies

Fashion takes it influences from everywhere; especially the footwear scene where you only have to look at some of the most popular winter styles to see exactly where they came from. Big fluffy boots are a tribute to the snow adventurers that pack the most advanced technologies into their footwear while fashion takes the best looking bits. Leather boots pay homage to the Wild West where cowboys wear their leather until its aged to perfection and again, fashion replicates it for the best way to style a pair of jeans. But closer to home where the pavement is dry of snow and ice, and sandy ranches are few and far between, street wear is grabbing its inspiration from the two and four wheeled warriors of the asphalt.

etnire kingpin

Skateboarders and BMX riders have been rocking their skate shoes for decades and when you look a little closer you can see why they’ve remained pretty much unchanged from the originals from way back when. Padded tongues for comfort and extra support, foam cushioning and shock absorption for pulling tricks on a board or bike – all qualities you’ll find in the massively popular Etnies Kingpin shoes.

Etnies is not only one of the best known brands on the skate scene and one that’s been around since its early days, but its also one of those brands that every extreme sports fan has owned and enjoyed and always goes back to. The Kingpin is the best seller in the Etnies range thanks to its classic skate style, simple branding and its ability to take on any kind of challenge you want to throw at it. Street style fans have adopted the Kingpin’s undeniable swagger too with its comfortable fit, warm fabrics and versatility too. Stick these on with a pair of jeans, style up a denim skirt or make this your new work shoe if you can get away with it – I definitely will be!