Enjoy the best of winter with Sorel Boots

If there’s one thing I hate about the winter its saying goodbye to all of my gorgeous ballet pumps, my sandals and anything small and dainty that makes my feet look cute. Cold weather means that bigger and bulkier fabrics are ready to take on a nasty change of temperature and it doesn’t matter how much you protest because if your feet aren’t inside a warm pair of boots then you’re not going to have a great winter. Not all winter boots are stylish enough to make the cut in most women’s wardrobes despite us knowing that really, we should probably wear them, but thankfully brands such as Sorel know just what we want.


A bit of Scandinavian inspired design meets construction with Arctic capability to deliver a beautiful range of winter boots that look as much in place on the mountains as on the streets. Sorel Boots tick all of the boxes for fashion conscious women wanting comfort, quality and the good looks to match. High street alternatives don’t have the price tag that comes with these boots but they don’t have their countless features and benefits either. A cheaper pair might look good but their synthetic fabrics, poor soles and zero insulation won’t last long or make much of an impact in sub-zero temperatures. But investing in a pair of Sorel boots will mean the difference between actually feeling your feet and experiencing what walking on stumps might be like. Sorel Footwear takes the best technology it can and encases it in boots you want to wear again and again, features such as waterproof vulcanised rubber shell, leather or nylon uppers and incredibly grippy and stable soles separate the men from the boys so-to-speak. But the real winter element that’s got girls interested is the removable felt or wool liner and snow cuff, these look awesome! But aside from looks, they serve a valuable purpose and offer warmth and comfort that you can’t even get from the world’s best socks.


Sorel Women’s boots are on a whole different level to any others that I’ve seen or experienced so if you’re looking for your next pair of winter boots and don’t fancy having to replace them after a few weeks once the frost has pulled the sole away from the actual boot then these are for you.