Embrace the cold with warm Merrell Boots

There’s been a real shift in the seasons these past few weeks and while it doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that we were basking in glorious sunshine, catching a tan and actually feeling the warmth of the sun; the reality of a long, wet and windy winter is starting to set in. Gorgeous autumn with its golden leaves and low sun doesn’t last too long but while it’s here, make the most of it and slip into some footwear that blends in beautifully.


Merrell have always been world renowned for manufacturing some of the best shoes and boots for walking, hiking, and trekking – you name it, they’ve got footwear for it. And thanks to their recognition of fashion and function and the demand for it, Merrell have a fantastic collection of winter boots that make the most of everything that the brand has to offer. Combining good looks with great quality Merrell technology, Merrell Boots are available in a choice of various different lengths and finishes. Lace up boots, zip boots or slip-in boots; you can enjoy a leather or suede finish too. But whatever you go for, it’s what holds them together that really counts for a lot with superb features such as waterproof materials, solid construction and durable soles to ensure they last a lot longer. True, they cost a fair bit more than trendy high street alternatives but you won’t need to replace them every year because they developed a hole or a tear suddenly.


The cold outdoors are not hugely appealing when you’re sat inside in the warmth with your slippers and a hot chocolate, but if you’ve got some hot chocolate boots that feel like you’re jumping into a pair of slippers then it’s a lot easier to step out of the door.