Make a statement with socks… yes, really.

During the warmer months you tend to forget about autumn and winter and how you’d wear your shoes. That’s probably because when the sandals come out, you don’t want to think about the day they’ve got to go back in the cupboard. But now the time for shoes without your toes peeping out has come, it’s also time to think about the one thing most of us tend to forget – socks.

Ok, so they’re not the most exciting or riveting items of clothing in our wardrobe and out of everything that you own, they’re probably the smelliest too, but they are essential and you can really make an impact with a good pair of socks. From thin and frilly liners to wear with your ballet shoes to thick and long tube socks that really stand out; your socks say a lot about you. One brand that’s making a bit of an impact on the footwear of the action sports world is Stance with their vibrant and comfortable socks. Whether you’re after an old school black and white top stripe style, or a tie-dye shocker, Stance Socks have probably got a style with your name on it.

The added benefit that you get from these socks is their performance, which, is pretty good. They look appealing but they’ve also got your comfort in mind thanks to arch support and mesh venting so you can rock your socks all day. Not just for action sports, Stance are a great choice for fashion too and look great peeping out the top of your Converse High Tops. They’re not ridiculously priced either so you can enjoy a fresh pair for every day of the week.