Understated Italian Style from Superga

Nothing beats the feeling of slipping on a pair of crisp white and clean trainers. Well, nothing in the fashion and footwear world does at least. And if I had to pick one brand that gives you that box fresh feeling all the time it would be Superga. Superga Footwear took all the nonsense and the overly styled stuff out of the equation and left the best bits to speak for themselves, the same thing they’ve been doing since 1911. Over 100 years of producing vulcanized rubber sole shoes including the iconic and popular 2750 style, Superga knows what works well and sticks with it. Originally manufacturing high quality footwear for the people of Italy, Superga has gone global and now everyone wants a piece of the action.

Unlike other brands, Superga doesn’t change its shape or style for anyone. That same thick gum sole, embossed eyelets and premium canvas construction have been at the core of their base model since day one and these features have also been the basis of every other new style released. Now Superga has the backing of British designer Giles Deacon and singer/songwriter Rita Ora which has helped propel them deeper into the fashion world and given more and more people a glimpse of their understated style.

What I love most about Superga is the way they age. Unlike a lot of other shoes like these once you wash them that’s it; they’re probably ready for the bin because they can’t handle a good spin in the suds. Superga shoes are like jeans and age well with each wash without losing their shape or quality – definitely a brand to keep and eye on.