Can’t Live Without: Vans

vansSomeone once asked me, if I had to take any 2 pairs of shoes with me to a desert island what would they be?’ they were a bit shocked when I said my trusty flip flops and a pair of Vans. ‘Vans? Why would you take them?’ well, why not?  After a long and deep discussion on how flip flops were always going to be the best in the sand and water I got thinking about how awesome Vans shoes really are.

My last pair lived through a couple of years at college and 3 years at university, worn everyday throughout each season and dragged to a few festivals too– none of my flip flops saw past the summer months! I must admit, the only reason I bought a pair originally is because I saw someone on TV wearing them and decided they’d look great with everything in my wardrobe , now I’ve got a number of them and if I had to wear just one pair for the rest of my life it would be a difficult decision. Whether it’s Classic Slip Ons, Low Pro, slim fit or big fat skate trainers, Vans footwear is among the best you can buy for fashion, and comfort. Starting at less than £20 they’re a bargain too which is great for a student on a budget or someone that doesn’t like parting with their money.


Over the years Vans have added more and more styles and colour variations to their collections; you can even buy a pair and customise your own now so that you’ve got the perfect shoes for any kind of outfit. If you’re a bit adventurous (or mad like me) you can mix and match them to really make a bit of a statement. But my favourite thing about Vans and each pair I have is how they wear over the years. The soles begin to wear down, the colour fades a bit and they look pretty messy but that’s when they’re at their best – box fresh or on their last legs.

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